Steezy Snowboard Graphics!!!

Whats up, just wanted to share some recent goodies that I submitted to a snowboard design contest provided by CORE77/NIDECKER.
These were my 2 submissions and I am actually thinking of using one of these as a start to designing my own board for the upcoming snowboard season. Would be dope riding your own board designed by yourself, I’d have get crazy with metallic inks, metal die-cut inlays, spot gloss hits, cool colors, whatever is possible. Its always fresh doing new designs for fun with zero limits. I took the pictures used in the designs, last season, which will be coming very soon as a 42×12″ print on canvas which I will post as soon as I get. Check em out below!Snowboard Designs!!!!!


~ by jongarcia1 on July 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Steezy Snowboard Graphics!!!”

  1. You better win for these. They are sweet.

  2. These are awesome. Good luck!!

  3. Wow, both designs look awesome! So did you win?
    I really hope you did. But if you did not, then that’s just too bad. Though I’m sure you’ll still make it big someday. Just continue doing a good job. 🙂

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